Office tour


All right, come on in.  I get accused a lot of being really weird just because of some of the things, the alternative treatments, that I do and because of some of the alternative quote unquote unscientific things that I buy into. My whole thought process on this is "You know what? Scientific or unscientific, if it has some type of benefit, for me, it’s worth spending the money on because it’s not going to hurt me, it’s only going to have some benefits. So why wouldn’t I?" That’s kind of my mindset when I think about these things.

When you come out through here, the first thing you see is I have a live plant. Plants give off oxygen. I’m oxygenating my environment.

If you notice around here, I’ve got a lot of windows in the office. I want as much natural light as I can. My last office, I was in a dungeon, a very dark room, and I noticed I would get seasonal depressive disorder. I just need a lot of sunlight. Everybody needs sunlight, just for fun but not only for vitamin D but just to bring your mood up, right?

If you look around my office, you’ll see these little triangles here and these are what are called, I think, oregon cubes or oregon crystals and what they do is they help to block EMFs, electromagnetic frequencies. In rooms like this, in big office buildings, where they installed a WIFI, you’ve got all these electromagnetic frequencies rolling around, especially from outlets and cables and internet, Bluetooth, and all these things you don’t think about. If it’s hitting you all the time, it’s not good, so the more that you can try to negate these, the better and whether there’s scientific proof behind an oregon cube or not, everything has an energetic frequency. Supplements have an energetic frequency. Drugs have an energetic frequency. Rocks have an energetic frequency. Everything in life has some type of energetic frequency. This cube has a certain energetic frequency and the theory is that these frequencies can help negate the electromagnetic frequencies so that’s why I have those in here.

Salt lamp right here that gives off oxygen. It’s a nice ambient glow just to help calm the environment. Over here, come around, I have my aroma therapy infusers so I’m constantly pumping aroma therapies. The secret behind aroma therapy is the fact that all of these smells are actually different frequencies that your body actually resonates with. This one is for brain health. I have one that’s for joy and happiness. I have another one that’s for calm body. I use lavender. I use all kinds. I’m just always mixing it up just on how I’m feeling that day.

I’ve got a standing desk so half the day I’ll be standing and the other half, I’m sitting and I use these little bubbles. It’s kind of like those big balance balls that you can sit on and you see people sit on. This just helps work my muscles while I’m sitting so I’m not just sitting and not getting any active movement so I try to take precautions on that.

I do not have carpet in here. Carpet in your house and in your offices and stuff, it tends to hold a lot of dust and dirt, either is bacteria and stuff. Even if it’s cleaned, it still gets pushed down in there, so there is a lot of the time, I try not to have any carpet.

I try to make my environment as natural and as healing as possible, especially, I’ve got this giant computer putting off tons of EMFs so I try to negate as much as possible.

I hope you enjoyed your little tour here!