Perfect EFA – Video


Today, I want to go over omega-3s, this is the foundational supplement that I think everybody should take, including kids. Omega’s-3s may improve:

Liver health – It alters fatty gene expression which switches your metabolism, restores your fatty acids. It means it turns your metabolism from fat storing to fat burning.

It can improve insulin insensitivity -How this happens is when you’re eating a lot of carbs, you’re getting a lot of sugar, your body becomes insulin resistant if you have low insulin insensitivity. This then causes your body to store fat. We want the high insulin sensitivity because it helps your body to burn fat instead of store it.

Anti-inflammatory – They reduce TNF levels, which are inflammatory cytokines responsible for chronic inflammation. If you feel like you have inflamed joints, inflammation in your liver, or inflammation in your body, a lot of this has to do with TNF levels.

Your liver loves omega-3s and our omega-3s actually go for 1,800 milligrams of actual EPA and DHA which are the main omega-3s. ALWAYS look for a good omega-3s that has a high amount of EPA and DHA

I hope you have a fantastic day!!