You’re taking steps to eat healthier and try and become as healthy as you can be, but, are you overlooking some key places where you might need help?

Sadly, many people are and it’s coming back to harm their health by way of a number of negative health conditions. If you don’t properly educate yourself on the top poisons that are in your environment, in the foods you eat, as well as in the beverages you consume, you may become a victim yourself.u may be poisoning your body?

Let’s go over the top 10 chemicals that you may be overlooking.



Fluoride, which is very often consumed in toothpaste as well as drinking water, can have severely negative impacts on the body. It can lead to severe bone health problems when taken in higher dosages and thyroid impairment.



While in smaller dose chlorine can be used to disinfect drinking water, when consumed in higher doses, problems will occur. A higher intake of this toxic substance can lead to both increased risk of cancer as well as a miscarriage in pregnant women, so is something to be very careful about.



PCB’s are one of the most commonly reported environmental contaminants and are linked to a number of negative health conditions including cancer, reproductive issues, nervous system problems, endocrine malfunction, as well as immune system disturbances.


You may think that this is a healthy alternative to sugar, but don’t kid yourself. There’s nothing natural about sugar, despite the marketing claims it makes.

You’re still putting a manufactured ingredient into your body that can lead to numerous health concerns such as headaches, stomach irritability, and mood changes.


Nutrasweet is one of the most serious sugar substitute offenders and one that you must make sure that you stay away from at all costs. This ingredient can lead to a whole host of side effects including migraines, irritability, heart palpitations, seizures, insomnia, memory loss, joint pain, as well as fatigue and feelings of depression. And this is only to name a few.

High Fructose Corn Syrup


High fructose corn syrup is one of the leading causes behind heart disease as well as diabetes, but yet we continue to consume it every day. This ingredient is found in many foods including sauces and condiments, soda, sugary snack foods, as well as many breakfast cereals. Check the ingredient listing and if it contains this, stay far away.

Mercury Fillings

Mercury tooth filling

Going to the dentist to have a cavity filled? Be extra careful about this as it may lead to mercury poisoning.  If you have too many fillings put into place, your risk for mercury poisoning could be on the rise.

Sodium Nitrate

Sodium nitrate

If you regularly are eating luncheon meat in order to get your protein in mid-day, you’re putting yourself at risk. These are loaded with sodium nitrate, which can lead to pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, and even brain tumors.

Use fresh meat instead.

Health And Beauty Products

Beauty products

You want to look good and smell fresh, but many of those health and beauty products you’re using are loaded with chemicals that can lead to health problems down the road when used in high doses.

Use sparingly and only what you absolutely must.



Finally, MSG, which is found in Chinese food as well as many other processed snack foods that we eat is also highly toxic and can lead to fatigue, hormone imbalances, as well as brain damage if consumed in high doses.

So make sure that you check over your lifestyle and diet – are these highly present on a day to day basis? If so, you may want to take steps to control your intake.