Our world as a whole seems to be on a collective search…

…the search for a secret. 

Who isn’t looking for the key to unlock the secret to successful weight loss, a better metabolism, and a healthy, slim, trim, body. 

I mean, we all want to be too sexy for our swimsuits this summer, right? 

But, do you ever feel like you’ve tried everything, but your everything just isn’t good enough? 

Do you ever feel like there must be some kind of roadblock within your body, keeping you from achieving your health and fitness goals? 

Well, if your liver isn’t healthy, if it isn’t functioning optimally, it can be a roadblock to your success! 

And, on the flip side of that equation…a clean and healthy liver can be the secret you’ve been searching for on your road to successful weight loss, and a better metabolism! 

Let’s find out how…

Your Liver’s Role In Detoxification

Many organs within your body are tasked with the job of detoxification.

  • Your lungs remove harmful gases from the body.
  • Your skin detoxifies by acting as a barrier, reducing the overall amount of harmful substances that penetrate through to the body.
  • Your kidneys filter toxins out of your blood and into urine which you pass as waste.
  • Your digestive system removes toxic foods, eliminating substances that would harm your body, expelling them through vomiting and diarrhea.

But, possibly the most crucial organ within your body tasked with the important job of detoxification is your liver. And, its role in eliminating toxins via your bowel movements only scratches the surface when it comes to the liver’s detoxifying job description. 

Your liver works to actually change the very chemical makeup of toxins or harmful substances that enter your body. It is your body’s major detox system. 

Toxins that enter your body both from the environment and from what you consume are neutralized by the liver. Even toxins that are produced from within your body are counteracted through the processes that take place in your liver. 

So then, what could possibly happen to keep your liver from cleansing and detoxing properly?  

Think of it like this: what happens when you get bogged down at work? I mean, you love your job, and you’re amazing at what you do. But, no matter how effective and efficient you are, if the workload is too severe, production slows down. And, when things get backed up, both efficiency and efficacy are hindered. 

The same is true of your liver. 

And unfortunately, in this world today, avoiding toxins is almost impossible. From the air we breathe, the foods we eat, the clothes we wear…toxins are everywhere. 

When your liver becomes overburdened in its task to remove these harmful toxins, its overall ability to function is hindered.

And, when liver function is hindered, not only is your body’s detoxifier running at subpar levels, it is also no longer metabolizing fats and nutrients properly either. 

That’s right, an unhealthy, overstressed liver can make you pack on the pounds or even hinder your ability to shed unwanted pounds. 

Your Liver’s Role In Metabolism

So then, exactly how does your liver affect your weight?

Did you catch that brief statement a few lines above? The one about an overtaxed liver no longer being able to metabolize fats properly? Let’s expound on that…

Within the liver’s job of detoxification, part of this process involves producing bile to break down fats. And, just as an overburdened liver can no longer effectively remove toxins from the body, an unhealthy liver can also no longer effectively metabolize fat. 

When your liver can’t metabolize fats properly…

  • digestion is hindered
  • you feel sluggish or routinely fatigued
  • you feel bloated
  • fat is no longer broken down
  • you gain weight
  • you experience overall feelings of heaviness

And, if your liver is chronically overburdened, this can also lead to gallbladder and thyroid problems. 

See, the longer your liver operates in this overwhelmed state, the harder it is for this organ to process fats and sugars correctly. Then, more fat and toxins build up in your body causing your metabolism to slow down, essentially creating a double edged sword. 

An unhealthy liver leads to a buildup of toxins and fat (or weight gain), and excess fat leads to inflammation that negatively affects your liver. 

So there’s the metabolic bad news, but what does a healthy liver look like in relation to your metabolism?

A healthy and clean liver metabolizes fats with ease. This means your body can burn calories easily. And, this high functioning metabolism also means you’ll have much more energy. 

Since I’m sure you’re raising your hand here, saying “yes, I choose the latter, I want that one…the healthy liver and high functioning metabolism,” let’s explore some ways to achieve just that, getting rid of built up fat and toxins, speeding up your metabolism by cleaning up your liver! 

1- Ditch Processed Foods 

Processed foods are your liver’s worst nightmare. 

Most processed foods contain high amounts of salts, refined sugars, and saturated fats which can essentially cause congestion (think obstructed flow of traffic) in your liver. 

High-salt foods can lead to fluid buildup and swelling in the liver. 

Foods high in saturated fats cause your liver to work extra hard just to process these items. 

And, refined sugars and flours are difficult for the body to digest, leading to fat buildup in the liver. 

What’s worse, these foods can all lead to weight gain in general, and as we discussed earlier, this is a double-edged sword, with a clogged liver resulting in weight gain and weight gain causing inflammation that hinders liver function. 

Truly, your liver was designed to function in a pure and clean world, one without environmental toxins and certainly without toxins being ingested through foods (like processed foods full of chemicals and preservatives). 

Consuming highly processed foods hinders the functioning of your liver and therefore slows your metabolism, causing you to accumulate fat and gain weight. 

How do you know which foods are processed? 

General rule of thumb – if you can’t pronounce items on the ingredient list, those are generally toxic substances that can harm your liver and your entire body. 

The best food choices are the ones with no ingredient list at all! 

Now, I’m not talking about mislabeled items or items missing labels here. No, I’m referring to fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, garden to table options. In your grocery store you’ll generally find the freshest items around the perimeter of the store. 

Frozen and canned options can be fine too, just scour those labels looking for any tricky additions. If you’re buying a can or frozen bag of green beans for instance, there shouldn’t be anything other than ‘green beans’ listed under the ingredients section. 

2- Cut Back On Meat And Dairy

I’m not saying you have to cut out these items completely, but here’s where being a picky eater will come in handy! 

Be picky in your selection of these items, and be picky in how often you consume them as well. 

In general, both meat and dairy can overwhelm your liver, especially when you consume too much of it. 

When your body digests meat and dairy, in particular, the byproducts must be filtered out by your liver. Therefore, too much too soon means an overburdened liver. 

And, as you now know, an overburdened liver doesn’t function properly, leading to toxic buildup, a slowed metabolism, and ultimately a derailing of your summer body goals.

So, choose high quality meats and dairy products (from animals) that haven’t been fed hormones or antibiotics. Grass-fed, organic options are best for both meat and dairy. 

Also, opt for non dairy milks such as almond or coconut milk, or oat milk for a nut-free choice. 

You can also substitute beans and chickpeas, even mushrooms or root vegetables, in place of  meat periodically to lessen the amount you consume overall. 

3- Lower Stress Levels

Stress hinders your liver function and your whole body in a number of ways. 

People who are overly stressed tend to eat foods that aren’t as healthy, and we just learned what these types of foods can do to liver function and subsequently your metabolism. 

And, when stressed, folks tend to overeat as well, which leads to weight gain and impaired liver function…here we are again with the double-edged sword, a vicious cycle between weight gain and an unhealthy liver. 

Stress, in general, also affects how your digestive system functions, causing the foods you consume to not be fully broken down, creating extra work for your liver and resulting in those foods not being properly metabolized, meaning…you guessed it…weight gain! 

Especially when you’re stressed, attempt to slow down your mind and body when it’s time to eat. 

Don’t eat on the go. Make conscious, healthy choices about the foods you consume, even seek to chew your food slowly, aiding in the digestion process. 

To reduce overall stress, seek to add in the following to your daily or weekly routine: 

  • Incorporate mindful breathing exercises, focusing on your breath as you breathe in through your nose, forcing a ‘rise’ in your stomach (not your chest), and out through your mouth, noticing your stomach deflate with this exhalation. Repeat slowly. 
  • Practice daily gratitude. Write down things that you are grateful for each day. This can be as detailed as you choose, the practice having been proven to effectively reduce stress. 
  • Incorporate meditation or prayer into your daily or weekly routine. 
  • Spend some time in nature, even simply going for a walk around the block. 
  • Exercise daily (we’ll further discuss this in a moment), incorporating anything from a full blown workout, to a simple walk, or yoga/stretching exercises focused on breath work and a release of tension. 
  • Get a massage. 
  • Enjoy a soak in the tub.
  • Curl up with a good book. 

No matter what you choose, pick a few or several items and make them a priority in your day-to-day life. This can reduce your stress levels or simply keep your stress levels from getting out of hand, ensuring your eating habits, digestion processes, and liver remain healthy! 

4- Move Your Body

Not only can a healthy exercise regimen keep your stress levels in check, aiding in keeping your liver clean and healthy, but exercise in general can facilitate a healthy liver as well. 

And, once again the double-edged sword analogy comes into play, but in a reversed fashion this time… 😉

Not only can regular exercise help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, reducing inflammation and aiding in proper liver functioning, it can also specifically decrease the buildup of fat in the liver, keeping it healthy and functioning optimally (metabolizing fat properly to help you avoid weight gain). 

Research shows that both aerobic and resistance training reduces hepatic fat (fat built-up in the liver). And, engaging in a combination of these two types of exercises throughout the week brought about the best outcome in relation to achieving a healthy liver. 

When you combine regular exercise with a healthy diet filled with clean, fresh foods and a less stressful lifestyle, you’ll be a few steps closer to a cleaner liver and therefore better metabolism!

5- LivLean

Living in a world where toxins seem to be everywhere, even with a clean diet, regular exercise, and properly managed stress levels, your liver may still need some support. 

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  • It aids in improving blood sugar levels. 
  • It works to boost energy. 
  • LivLean primes your body for better fat loss by facilitating the healthy breakdown of fats. 

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