After many disappointing attempts to slim,
Christina DeLong, 50, was still dangerously overweight.
Then she discovered the surprising reason why — and the simple fix.

before-after-stacked(Perfect Origins Wellness Team) Restore your liver’s natural fat-burning power. For years, being overweight made it impossible for Christina DeLong, 50, to do the things she loved, including spending time outdoors with her two sons. She wanted to hike the beautiful hills and coastline around her Laguna Beach, California home but she knew the reality: I can’t even get up and down the stairs let alone go for a hike.

In an attempt to take control of her weight, Christina had tried countless diets over the years. While friends and family celebrated holidays and special events with delicious food, Christina’s plate was usually empty. “I felt left out”, she told me. “And hungry all the time. It was awful.”

Christina did manage to slim with some of these diets — even losing as much as 50 pounds once. But the weight always came back. “It was just too difficult to stick with a diet long-term.”

A Life-Threatening Problem

By Mother’s Day 2014, Christina’s weight had swelled to 220 pounds. She was startled awake from a mid-afternoon nap that day by sharp pains in her chest.

She gasped for air as she struggled to push herself up into a sitting position on the couch. Her head was spinning. Her arms and fingers were numb.

Christina gripped her chest. Although she was sweating it felt like her veins were filled with ice water. Her first panicked thought was, “Is it a heart attack?” followed immediately by, “What will my family do without me?”


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Christina’s weight had gone from frustrating annoyance to life-threatening problem. And though she was worried she’d “tried it all before”, Christina knew this time she had to lose the weight and keep it off for good. Her life depended on it.

Help From An Unlikely Place

That day, Christina was “scared off the couch and onto the Internet” where she stumbled on a weight loss secret that changed her life. Like most of us, Christina has a healthy skepticism for what she finds on the Internet. But she was convinced by fascinating health presentation that revealed a little-known cause of weight gain — and the simple fix.


In this eye-opening presentation, Christina discovered how an overworked liver can cause women and men to pack on pounds. The reason: Your liver creates bile — and bile is key to breaking down fat. Think of bile as the liquid detergent that cuts through grease on your dishes. Without enough bile to break down fats in your body, these fats can’t be used as energy. As a result they pile up as ugly, unwanted pounds on your arms, legs, backside and especially your belly.


The problem is that by the time you’re 40, the tubes and ducts that run into and out of your liver start to get clogged with junk like environmental toxins, fat globules, scar tissue and metabolic waste. And by age 50, you may be getting only a fraction of the bile your body requires to break down dietary fat.

If your liver is overworked and exhausted that could be the hidden cause behind your weight gain. As Jonny Bowden, certified nutritionist and author of Living the Low Carb Life, says, “Chemicals in the environment can slow down the weight loss process and overburden the liver with toxins that have profound health effects.”


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Your Liver Is Under Constant Assault

According to the American Liver Foundation, at least 30 million people — that’s 1 in 10 of us — have some form of liver disease. [1] And most don’t even realize it. Poor liver health has become a silent epidemic in this country because every second of every day your liver is under assault from…

Environmental Pollution — The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that in 2014 alone 3.95 billion pounds of toxic pollution were released into the atmosphere! [2] It’s up to your liver to process these toxins when you unknowingly breathe them into your day in and day out.

Additives In Food — Dr. Robert Lustig, of the University of California, San Francisco, warns, “Of the 600,000 food items currently in the American grocery store, 80 percent of them have added sugar”. So-called health foods like yogurt, fat-free salad dressing and frozen diet dinners are soaked in sugar. And experts like Dr. Lustig warn that all this sugar is as toxic to your liver as hard alcohol.


Prescription and Over-The-Counter Drugs — If you pop Tylenol to manage aches and pains your liver could be at serious risk. The FDA recently cautioned that the acetaminophen in Tylenol and OTC drugs can cause liver damage. Frighteningly, accidental acetaminophen overdose sends 78,000 Americans to the emergency room every year. [4]

Just by going about your day-to-day life in our modern, toxic world, your liver gets abused. And the result of this abuse includes chronic fatigue, joint pain, headaches, high blood pressure, indigestion, and allergies, as well as stubborn weight gain.

Did you ever think a problem with your liver could be the cause of your weight gain? You’re not alone — most people are in the dark when it comes to how liver health affects their weight.

That’s why Christina found this presentation on liver health so informative — and helpful. At the end of the presentation she had a chance to learn more about an all-natural supplement called LivLean that’s designed to restore your liver to health and make weight loss much easier.

Christina told me she was skeptical at first. The last thing she wanted was to waste her time and money on another useless diet gimmick. But as she researched LivLean she was quickly convinced that this was one solution that was at least worth a try.

LivLean Is Designed
To Restore Your Liver To Health

LivLean uses a powerful formulation of 15 all-natural ingredients designed to unclog liver cells… boost liver function… and restore your liver to the fat-burning organ nature designed it to be! With just one capsule twice a day you get:

Milk Thistle — Your liver’s first line of defense! Researchers have found that silymarin — a potent bioflavonoid antioxidant that occurs naturally in milk thistle — can protect against liver damage caused by free radicals. Think of it like an invisible force field shielding your liver against invading toxins. [5]

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) — Supports liver health and weight loss! Studies have shown alpha-lipoic acid to be a potent therapeutic agent in the treatment of liver disease as well as the promotion of liver health. What’s more, clinical studies prove that supplementing with this powerful antioxidant results in significant reductions in weight, body mass index, blood pressure and waist circumference. [6]

Dandelion Root — An age-old remedy! Historically, dandelion was prized as an herbal remedy for upset stomach, intestinal gas, gallstones, joint pain, muscle aches, eczema, and especially liver problems.

We only have enough space in this article to describe a handful of the 15 revolutionary all-natural ingredients used in LivLean. Individually, each of these ingredients is powerful. But together, their effect is unbelievable.

That’s because these ingredients have been combined in such a specific, scientific way that they work synergistically. This means that these ingredients are much more powerful together than they would be on their own because of the liver-purifying and thermogenic (fat-burning) influences they have on each other.

Another benefit that convinced Christina to give LivLean a try is the fact that this supplement is crafted in small batches at a state-of-the-art, FDA-inspected facility just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Unlike other supplements that source cheap, low-grade ingredients from China, Christina liked that LivLean is made right here in the United States under strict FDA guidelines for safety, purity and quality.

Once Christina was aware of the crucial role the liver plays in weight loss she decided to take action. She was impressed by LivLean’s promise to support liver health and detoxification. She was encouraged by the testimonials of other men and women who used this all-natural supplement to melt their stubborn mid-life flab. And because every bottle of LivLean comes with a 60-Day “No Questions Asked” Money-Back Guarantee she figured she had nothing to lose and decided to give it a try.

Finally, Results That Last!

When the box containing Christina’s 3-month supply of LivLean arrived in the mail she carefully opened it. She took her first dose of LivLean right then and there. She liked that the pills were easy-to-swallow and didn’t leave a funny aftertaste.

Given how many times she’d tried and failed to slim in the past, Christina was cautiously optimistic when she lost 9 pounds the first week with LivLean. Little did she realize that this was the start of big things — she went on to lose 90 pounds in 12 months!


In addition to supplementing with LivLean every day, Christina also cleaned up her diet and started exercising. “I started exercising a couple of months ago, after I had lost 75 pounds”, she told me. “I signed up for a twice weekly tone class at the local community center”.

Today, Christina is more engaged with life than ever before. Not only does she go out for a hike in the hills around her home at least twice a week, she’s started up a brand new hobby — kayaking!

Christina told me she loves to take her kayak — which she christened “Mid Life Luna Sea” — out on the Napa River and local lakes. That’s quite a change for a woman who just months ago tipped the scales at 220 unhealthy pounds and was experiencing “frightening signs of heart attack”!

Now Christina is sharing her story with us to help others who are struggling to slim. “Here I am one year later, at 130 pounds”, she says. “Thanks to LivLean, turning 50 last November was a time of hopeful self-improvement and positive change.”


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