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Podcast: Medicinal Supplement Summit – Why Everyone Should Take Omega 3’s – Interview with Dr Charles Livingston

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  • Julie Lidberg says:

    Hi Dr. Livingston, I listened to your speech on Omega 3’s. I’ve been taking a product from PRN (Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals) called, De Dry Eye Omega Benefits. Could you let me know if this is a good Omega 3 supplement? My eye surgeon said he spent an immense amount of time investigating Omega 3 supplements, and highly recommends this one for me – as I have Dry Eye Syndrome. I do understand that you would like everyone to get our Omega’s from natural food sources. I try to eat what you recommended during your speech, plus I currently take 4 softgels a day, as my eye surgeon recommended. Could you give me your honest opinion about this Omega 3 supplement? I would like to finish the bottle before looking into purchasing your Omega 3 supplement. The website for the product is: http://www.prnomegahealth.com. Thank you so very much! Julie Lidberg

    • Dr. Charles Livingston D.C. says:

      Hello Julie,
      I am sorry I can not speak on the Omega you receive due to me not knowing about it. I do think it is a great thing you take Omega supplement. I highly recommend it for your case. http://www.perfectorigins.com/presentation-4.php Here is my video about our Omega.I would suggest taking our Omega ingredients to your doctor to be sure he is ok with you switching before you do! Our Omega is incredible!!!
      God bless

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